What to bring

Please bring a few options, so I can work out what works well with your hair/eyes/skin tone. If The colours that work well with the environment here and also work well on most people are blues, greens, and greys but please don’t afraid of colour. Bold colours can look great so if you feel you can rock bright yellow then let’s go for it! The main thing is to bring tops with different necklines e.g. V-neck, scoop neck, ruched top or blouse with an interesting collar. Don’t forget dresses – you may have a dress with a nice neckline and you can just put that on over your leggings or whatever you arrive in. Try and bring everything in a relatively crease-free state but we do have a iron here you can use if anything gets crumpled on your way here. You don’t need to go out and buy yourself an entirely new wardrobe but if you can’t find anything that seems right for the shoot, I’ve had several actors buy things and bring them for the shoot then take them back afterwards. After all, they’re only on for the length of time you would put them on in a changing room, right? (shh, don’t tell anyone...!)


What NOT to bring

Please don’t bring any strappy tops, off the shoulder tops or really plunging necklines. We only see the top of your shoulders in a headshot and if they are too low it just looks like you’re naked! A vest top with wider straps is a possibility and some Bardot tops that can just sit on the shoulders are also workable. Also avoid black and white. Really? Well, if you always wear black and you’re reluctant to embrace colour, I might just let you off but a dark grey is more interesting. White sometimes works but it also pulls focus a bit. Off white shirts and blouses in the pictures below work better than a bright white t-shirt. Don’t bring any bold patterns, t shirts with logos, big big checks/stripes or high necks. Subtle stripe/check is fine.