My approach

In my headshot style, I aim to bridge the gap between the traditional headshot and editorial portrait. As a former actor, I understand the delicate balance of having a headshot that you're really happy with and that also truly represents the you that walks into the audition room. I am less interested in a flawless image of you looking your best and more concerned with conveying a real sense of who you are. Often, people come to me when I have taken a shot of someone they know and they say, ‘I thought you really captured the essence of them’’. I’m thrilled when that happens as I feel that’s what I’m aiming for - a photo that gives a casting director or potential employer not only a clear representation of how you look but also a glimpse of your personality.


The shoot

I work from my house in East Dulwich where I have an indoor and outdoor set up. My main preference is to work outside with natural light and we do this a courtyard area in my house which has fantastic light and I work with additional light sources to create the final look for your shots. When you book your session I send you advice on what to bring and we work through various outfit choices so you have several looks to choose from.

Your gallery

Screen Shot 2019-03-26 at 14.47.42.png

Within 48 hours of your session your shots will be available in an online gallery. This is an edited selection of our shoot with approx 60-80 photos which I think represents the best work from the session. The gallery will be divided up into series based on outfits/looks etc. The link can be easily emailed to agents so you can both make your choices.



You can then choose 6 final shots which I will retouch and deliver to you as high resolution images. Retouching is a delicate process which aims to get rid of unwanted details without making you look too airbrushed. It also involves colour grading the image. In this shot - left is straight out of camera and right is the finished version. Natasha had amazing skin anyway but we sorted out any shine/shadow caused by the natural light/reflectors, flyway hair and overall skin tone. The result is not radically different but ‘pops’ a bit more. You will be very involved in this final process; I will send you the images to review and you have an opportunity to feedback so we get it just right for you.